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Other Loans

Recreational Vehicles

Spotting more recreational vehicles on the highway? It’s not your imagination. RVs are an increasingly popular option for families, retirees, and camping enthusiasts alike. They can be a great way to visit booming tourist attractions or just traveling state-to-state. MVCU has great RATES and terms for new RVs up to 180 months.

Boat Loans

When you’re catching more laughs than fish with your boat, it’s time to trade in your crusty craft. When the ducks are leaving you in their wake, it’s time to upgrade your sluggish engine. When your sail is gone with the wind, it’s time to chart a course to MVCU. At your credit union, we’ll put the wind back in your sails with a boat loan. Our competitive rates and convenient repayment terms will get you off dry land and back on the open sea. New Boats have terms as long as 180 months.

Motorcycle Loans

There’s never been a better time to buy the motorcycle you’ve always dreamed about than now. With the price of gasoline high, driving a vehicle that travels 40 miles per gallon (motorcycle) is better than one that travels only 20 (car, truck, or SUV). If you’ve always “yearned to ride” MVCU can help you buy the bike of your dreams. MVCU has great terms for new and used motorcycles. See rates page for more information.

Personal Loans

This type of loan can be used for any reason. The terms are up to 48 months with a maximum amount of $10,000.

Share Certificate Loans

These types of loans are secured by your Share Certificate that you would have on deposit at MVCU. The amount that you borrow would be the same amount that is secured by your Share Certificate.The term of your loan will equal the term of your share certificate and the rate of borrowing would be 3%APR* above your Share Certificate Rate.

Share Secured Loans

These types of loans are used against your Primary Share Account. You agree to leave the same amount of money in your Primary Share Account as the amount you’re borrowing for the term of the loan. Terms are up to 180 months.

APR*= annual percentage rate